Your own Private Wine Cellar in Bond

When you buy and store wine in-bond, you have the wine shipped directly from the winery or another bonded warehouse to our bonded warehouse where we created your Private Cellar.

You don’t get to see your wine in person, but you pay the bonded warehouse to keep the bottles under safe storage conditions.

While your bottles are under storage, you don’t have to pay taxes on them at all–no duty tax for importing the wine across different states or countries, and no VAT (value-added tax) calculated from the sale of the bottle.

You only pay taxes if you remove your bottles from storage.

With in-bond storage, you may also make more off your investment if you sell, since collectors will usually pay a higher price for bottles that have been stored in-bond as they know the case hasn’t been opened since leaving the winery and therefore the bottles are more likely to be authentic and stored in the best conditions.

As long as your bottles stay in the your Private Cellar, and they sell those bottles under bond, they make pure profit, minus only the cost of storage.

If they had chosen out-of-bond storage, they would have paid taxes plus the costs associated with out-of-bond storage or home cellars.